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Accro-Seal, A Kalpas Co.

Accroseal designs and manufactures an array of custom seals, bearings, bushings, rings and gaskets from high-performance plastics. These materials consist of base materials such as PTFE, PEEK, PFA, Acetal, Nylon, UHMW, PET and other engineered plastics that serve a wide variety of applications and industries. These materials are then blended with fillers such as glass, carbon, graphite, mineral, and stainless steel for enhanced performance. Components can be produced up to 16 in. in diameter and can be machined to final dimensions while maintaining tolerances to plus/minus 0.001 in. Capable of order quantities ranging from prototype through full production with a standard lead time of under three weeks. Also provide a large portfolio of Accrolube specialty lubricants. Many of these lubricants are PTFE fortified, can stand up to strenuous operating conditions, can withstand harsh environments and a wide temperature range.

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269-649-1014, 800-225-7138
318 W. Briggs St.
P.O. Box 210
Vicksburg, MI 49097


  • in Plastic Bearings

    Accroseal offers Accrolon non-metallic bearings that feature self-lubricating properties, excellent wear, outstanding mechanical properties, weight reduction, audible noise reduction and chemical resistance. A great choice to replace babbitt, bronze and Gatke bearings.

  • in Self-Lubricating Bearings

    Accroseal features their Accrolon non-metallic self lubricating bearings that offer high continuous service temperature, self lubrication properties, are made of high performance materials, and can replace Babbitt, bronze and Gatke bearings. Applications include thrust washers, sleeve bearings, bushings, and pillow blocks. Industries served include waste water.