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BFM Industrial Services, LLC

BFM Industrial Services LLC provides slewing bearings for the OEM and replacement industries. The single-row ball, cross roller, and triple-row roller type bearings are found within the medical equipment, road roller, excavator, aerial platform, truck crane, overhead crane, mining equipment, paper making machinery, and logging machinery industries.

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5877 Sandalwood Dr.
Carmel, IN 46033


  • in Slewing Bearings

    BFM Industrial Services LLC is a provider of single-row slewing ball bearings, single-row cross roller slewing bearings, and triple-row roller slewing bearings. The various bearings are used in cranes, boom lifts, rollers, excavators, and semi-trucks; and can be teethless or feature outer and inner teeth.

  • in Turntable Bearings

    BFM Industrial Services LLC distributes single row ball slewing bearings, single row cross roller slewing bearings, and triple row roller slewing bearings for turntable applications. The various bearings are available as teethless, outer teeth or inner teeth models.