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Hartford Technologies, Inc.

Hartford Technologies is a leading business to business manufacturer of custom ball and roller bearings and bearing assemblies, precision balls, and precision rollers, pins, and shafts with manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and China. Hartford provides a variety of value-added services including application engineering and inventory management serving the automotive, medical, agricultural and various other industries.

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1022 Elm St.
Rocky Hill, CT 06067


  • in Angular Contact Bearings

    Hartford Technologies designs single and double row angular contact bearings. Single row types carry both axial and radial loads with a 30° contact angle. Double row designs carry high axial loads and moderate radial loads. Inner diameters range from 17mm to 100mm.

  • in Ball Bearings

    Hartford are manufacturers of a variety of ball bearing types. The most common are their deep groove single row. These offer excellent radial load carrying in sealed or shielded designs. They are made of chrome steel and feature a standard inner diameter range of 10mm to 75mm. Their heavy load ball bearings offer excellent radial load carrying and come in sealed and shielded designs as well. They are made of chrome steel and offer a standard inner diameter range of 17mm to 100mm.

  • in Conveyor Bearings

    Hartford Technologies custom designs and manufactures all-plastic conveyor roller bearings for wash-down systems. Available in a number of materials and sizes, these products are used in the automotive, aerospace, medical, consumer, and agricultural industries.

  • in Custom Bearings

    Hartford can design custom ball bearings to reduce friction, support radial and axial loads, or to address specific issues related to production. Their products can also be designed to solve specific application problems.

  • in Deep Groove Ball Bearings

    Hartford Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of standard and custom bearing products such as pins, rollers and metal balls. Single row open deep groove ball bearing products are available with inner diameters from 10 mm to 75 mm in chrome steel and other materials. Deep groove bearings are also available in sealed and shielded styles.

  • in One Way Bearings

    Hartford Technologies manufactures one-way clutch bearings used in mining, printing and textile manufacturing machinery; laundry equipment and conveyors; sub-assemblies found in mission critical applications; and safety applications involving power loss. One-way bearings are manufactured from chrome steel and are pre-lubricated.

  • in Plastic Bearings

    Hartford engineers and manufactures standard plastic bearings and bearing assemblies in a wide range of dimensions.  Modifications to standard bore or OD, or special features such as thin sections, can be engineered and prototyped quickly. Plastic materials used include Polyoxymethylene/Acetal /Delrin (POM), a semi-crystalline engineered polymer combining superior fatigue and impact resistance with high strength.

  • in Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

    Hartford Technologies manufactures deep groove, miniature, heavy load and double row deep groove ball bearings in chrome steel or stainless steel. ID's range from 10mm - 75mm for deep groove, 2mm - 9mm for miniature, 17mm - 100mm for heavy load, and 10mm - 75mm for double row ball bearings.

  • in Thrust Bearings

    Hartford Technologies manufactures customized thrust bearings of single and double direction. Hartford's thrust ball bearings are generally made of 52100 chrome steel with hardened steel raceways. Single direction bearings are built for axial loads exerted from one direction; supplies range in inner diameter sizes of 10 to 75 mm. Double direction thrust ball bearings are built for axial loads exerted from two directions;  supplies range in inner diameter sizes of 10 to 60 mm.