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Kingsbury, Inc.

Kingsbury Inc is a manufacturer of a hydrodynamic bearings including thrust bearings, journal bearings and specialty bearings as well as a full line of rolling element bears for a broad range of applications. Kingsbury has been developing hydrodynamic thrust bearing products since Dr. Albert Kingsbury invented the first hydrodynamic thrust bearing in 1912. Kingsbury also offers repairs and services for various rolling element bearings, fluid film and babbitted bearings.

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10385 Drummond Rd.
P.O. Box 9570
Philadelphia, PA 19154-3803


  • in Angular Contact Bearings

    Messinger (a Kingsbury brand) angular contact ball bearings are designed with offset raceways between the inner and outer rings which create a specific contact angle under load. These products can carry combined axial and radial loading, can be used for high speed applications, and can be produced to an ABEC 5 precision class.

  • in Crossed Roller Bearings

    Messinger crossed cylindrical roller bearings are designed to handle all combinations of axial, radial and overturning moment loads in a single envelope. Options include standard cross sections or bolt-down offset races for slewing applications. This bearing features a high degree of stiffness but requires rigid and precise mounting surfaces. Crossed roller bearings can be supplied with internal or external integral gearing.

  • in Custom Bearings

    Kingsbury has refined tilting pad journal designs to increase performance, resulting in equalizing flooded journal bearings. In addition, Kingsbury provides custom products to satisfy your individual requirements.

  • in High Temperature Bearings

    Kingsbury Inc. manufactures fluid film thrust and journal bearings for unusually harsh and high temperature applications. These products are constructed of advanced materials thrust (PEEK) and can operate directly in water, process fluid, or oil. They also have the ability to tolerate dry start conditions.

  • in Hydrostatic & Hydrodynamic Bearings

    Kingsbury hydrodynamic bearings support a rotating shaft and transmit axial loads. Other types include directed lubrication which reduce oil flow and power loss in high speed applications. Hydrodynamic thrust bearings are available in directed lubrication or flooded lubrication styles, and are used in high speed turbine, compressor, generator and gear drive applications.

  • in Journal Bearings

    Kingsbury designs and manufactures many sizes and styles of hydrodynamic journal bearings available in fixed profile styles or tilting pad designs, operating with flooded or directed lubrication systems. Hydrodynamic journal bearings are used in high-speed turbine, pump, generator, compressor and gear drive applications for oil and gas, power generation, and general industries.

  • in Large Diameter Bearings

    Kingsbury distributes Messinger brand large diameter three row roller and crossed roller bearings. Features include outer diameters of more than 8 feet. These large diameter bearings are designed to handle combinations of radial, axial, and overturning moment loads in a single envelope.

  • in Metric Bearings

    Kingsbury offers flooded and directed lubrication, fixed profile, rolling element, and specialty bearings, as well as bearing systems, in sizes from 100 mm to 3,000 mm in diameter. Kingsbury's Messinger brand large diameter rolling element bearings are designed for heavy-duty axial and radial loads. These bearings are available in a variety of styles from 50 mm to 7.6 m in diameter and can be specified for OEM applications or as replacement bearings. Kingsbury and Messinger bearings are designed to enhance equipment performance in hydroelectric, power generation, oil and gas, marine, motor and pump, process machinery, rock crushing, mining, steel making, defense, and many other applications.
  • in Plain Bearings

    Kingsbury Inc. manufactures hydrodynamic plain bearings, including thrust, journal and specialty types. Thrust bearings are used in high speed turbine, generator, compressor, and gear drive applications. Journal plain bearings are available as directed, flooded, and fixed profile types, and are used for power generation, oil and gas, and general industry applications.

  • in Roller Bearings

    Messinger (a Kingsbury brand) precision roller bearings are ideal for applications requiring high axial load-carrying capacity. This bearing style is available in single-acting, double-acting, self-aligning, combination, and cross roller types. They are manufactured in a range of sizes for markets as diverse as aircraft, construction, agriculture, machine tool, and general industry. Their crossed cylindrical roller bearings are designed to handle all combinations of radial and axial loads, and can be supplied in standard cross sections or with bolt-down, offset races for extreme slewing applications. Their three row designs are excellent solutions in applications where a high degree of stiffness is necessary. Messinger tapered styles are suitable for combined axial and radial loading, and come in single row or double row configurations.

  • in Self-Aligning Bearings

    Messinger precision roller bearings are used in applications that require high axial load carrying capacity. They are available in single-acting, self-aligning, double-acting,  cross roller and combination. Messinger bearings are manufactured in a variety of sizes for the aircraft, construction, agriculture, machine tool, and general industry markets.

  • in Slewing Bearings

    Messinger (a Kingsbury brand) slewing ring bearings are robustly designed and precisely manufactured to support extreme axial, radial, and tilting moment loading in a single bearing unit. These bolt-down bearings are custom designed for a wide variety of applications. They are capable of handling a broad range of rotational and duty cycle requirements and are manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment that can handle sizes up to 25 feet (7.6m) in diameter. Messinger slewing ring bearings can be produced with either internal or external integral gear teeth.

  • in Thrust Bearings

    Kingsbury hydrodynamic, tilting pad thrust bearings, in flooded lubrication or directed lubrication styles, are used in high speed turbine, generator, compressor and gear drive applications. Kingsbury thrust products run the gamut from flooded lubrication bearings for less demanding applications to advanced LEG (Leading Edge Groove) directed lubrication technology for high speed machinery. These bearings direct oil from an opening in the base ring, to the leading edge of the shoes, and onto the moving surfaces of the bearing. With this method, just enough oil is applied to enable the bearing to run smoothly. The key benefits of directed lubrication technology are: 1) Reliable operation with lower oil flow requirements; 2) Dramatically reduced bearing power losses; 3) Much lower operating temperatures; 4) Significantly increased load capacity.
  • in Thrust Roller Bearings

    Messinger (a Kingsbury brand) thrust roller bearings are intended for applications requiring high axial load carrying capacity. They can support the load at right angles to its direction of application. Messinger thrust roller bearings are available in single acting, self-aligning, double acting,  cross roller, combination and other types. They are manufactured in sizes that range from an lD of 2 inches (50mm) to an outer diameter of 25 feet (7.6m).

  • in Turntable Bearings

    Kingsbury Inc. manufactures thrust roller bearing for turntable applications and other applications requiring high axial load-carrying capacity. The bearings are available as single acting, double acting, self-aligning combination, and cross roller types, with inner diameters up to 2 inches and outer diameters up to 25 feet.