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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

Saint Gobain is a designer, producer and distributor of materials such as abrasives, purpose-engineered ceramics and plastics for construction, renovation, automotive and other applications.

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  • in Bronze Bearings

    Saint-Gobain manufactures NORGLIDE PRO bearings with steel materials and a polygon-structured bronze layer on one side. Fabricated parts include roller bearings available with or without an axial flange. NORGLIDE SMTL is a composite material of bronze stretched metal, compounded PTFE and steel backing.

  • in Plain Bearings

    Saint-Gobain designs maintenance-free, wear resistant plain bearings for automotive and other industrial applications. These self-lubricated products are also lead free, and are available with either a flexible bearing tape or a metallic backing.

  • in Plastic Bearings

    Saint-Gobain manufactures NORGLIDE molded plastic bearings in a lead free, self-lubricating plain style. These plastic PTFE bearings are custom manufactured to lower friction and reduce maintenance. Products come with a metallic backing or with a flexible bearing tape.

  • in Self-Lubricating Bearings

    Saint Gobain offers RULON Composites that are ideal for non lubricated, high load applications. RULON Composites exhibit a high load capacity similar to bronze, powdered metal and steel. They provide long wear and an extended operating life without the costs associated with lubrication.

  • in Sleeve Bearings

    Saint Gobain's NORGLIDE sleeve bearings are self-lubricating, lead free, plain bearings custom manufactured to lower friction. These sleeve bearings come with a flexible tape or metallic backing. Using a wear resistant PTFE with the appropriate fillers gives the material specific properties, altering its strength and coefficient of friction for different applications.

  • in Teflon (PTFE) Bearings

    Saint Gobain Performance Plastics manufactures Norglide PTFE bearings including its PRO bearing, which is the company's best load-carrying product due to its steel plate, structured bronze layer with encapsulated Teflon sliding layer. This product also features nominal thicknesses of 0.50 mm to 1 mm, maximum permissible specific load static of 400 MPa, and a load dynamic of 200 MPa.

  • in Thin Section Bearings

    Saint-Gobain is a manufacturer of thin wall bearings which are light weight, have a smaller cross section, easy to press fit, are lead free and self lubricating. Thin wall bearings are ideal where space limitations exist, an increase in shaft or pivot diameter is required or in unique or custom applications.