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Tok Bearing

TOK Bearing is a designer of mechanical and motion technologies for industries such as office automation equipment, electric appliance and office furniture. In addition to manufacturing bearings, TOK also designs and manufactures uni-directional clutches, torque limiters, rotary dampers and other mechanical and motion components.

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  • in Ball Bearings

    TOK is a manufacturer of plastic and steel ball bearings, with expertise in radial type ball bearings in both standard and custom designs. Their D-Series plastic ball bearings feature a polyacetal (POM) outer race and a steel inner race. TOK's I-Series plastic type was developed as a precision version of the D-Series. Their PE/S Series plastic bearings feature steel inserted inner races for heavy duty applications. TOK's precision steel bearings are a high load precision type made of steel or stainless steel.

  • in Plastic Ball Bearings

    Tok manufactures D-Series, K-Series, I-Series, and PE/S Series plastic ball bearings in both standard and custom designs to comply with application requirements. The D-Series features load ranges from 2 to 20 kgf, and have applications for refrigerators, vending machines, commercial furniture, and office furniture. Products are constructed with a steel inner race and a polyacetal outer race.

  • in Plastic Bearings

    Tok Bearing offers plastic bearings in a variety of designs to meet a variety of applications. Plastic ball bearings feature a polyacetal (POM) outer race and steel inner race. Main applications include office furniture, furniture, vending machines and refrigerators.