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VXB Ball Bearings

VXB Ball Bearings is a distributor of various bearings manufactured by three top Japanese-based manufacturers: Nachi, NB, and FYH. The company also supplies SKF-brand bearings. The bearings are used in numerous applications including wheel, inline skate, roller hockey, CNC router, skateboard, fishing reel, slotcar, ATV, quad skate, dental, bicycle, RC car, model engine, yoyo, go-kart, motorcycle, and snowmobile.

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  • in Ball Bearings

    VXB are suppliers of ball bearings available in carbon, chrome and stainless steel. Retainers available include steel, nylon, polymide, phenolic, and more. All are offered in inch or metric sizes. Types available include ceramic, metric miniature, inch type, teflon sealed, and large size ball bearings. Their metric miniature types have an inner diameter range of 1mm to 32mm. Their inch sizes have a range from .078 inch to 1 inch. VXB also offers metric linear bearing and motion systems, and inch linear motion systems. Other types of bearings available include plain spherical, needle roller, tapered roller, self aligning and flanged type.

  • in Cam Followers

    VXB Ball Bearings is an online supplier of a variety of cam followers.  Sizes range from 13mm to 90 mm.

  • in Conveyor Bearings is a supplier conveyor roller bearings in 12x35.3, 12x47.6, and 12x56.1 sizes. Products are unground and flanged.

  • in Conveyor Roller Bearings

    VXB Ball Bearings distributes 12mm x 35.3mm, 12mm x 47.6mm, and 12mm x 56.1 mm unground flanged conveyor roller bearings. The company also supplies 8mm x 23.6mm miniature unground flanged conveyor roller bearings.

  • in High Speed Bearings

    VXB offers model SR144Z high speed stainless steel miniature ball bearings. These products feature inner diameters up to 1/8", high speed up to 450,000 RPM, ABEC-7 construction, and polyimide PI ball retainers.

  • in High Temperature Bearings

    VXB distributes high temperature bearings in 15x35x11, 17x40x12, 20x47x14, and 25x52x15 sizes. The company also supplies a line of full complement ceramic bearings for high temperature applications. The company provides products manufactured by Nachi, NB, and FYH.

  • in Inch Size Ball Bearings

    NationSkander California Corp. supplies miniature inch size ball bearings starting from 0.078" to 1" in diameter. They are used in fishing reel, radio controlled car,  and slot car applications, and can be made of chrome steel, stainless steel or carbon steel.

  • in Linear Ball Bearings

    VXB offers linear motion and bearing systems in the following configurations: cam followers, U-Groove bearings, inch linear systems, track roller bearings, V-Groove bearings, metric linear systems, and others. Model SW4 linear motion ball bearings  feature 1/4" bores, dynamic basic loads up to 206 CN, and 0.00025" precision tolerances.

  • in Metric Bearings offers metricminiature ball bearings starting from 1 mm inner diameter and going up to 32 mm ID and higher. Metric miniature bearings can be made of carbon steel, chrome steel or stainless steel.

  • in Miniature Bearings

    VXB is a manufacturer of metric and inch miniature ball bearings.  Bore sizes range from 1mm to over 32mm inner diameter. These products are typically used in fishing reel, miniature RC, and miniature slot car applications among others, and are offered in chrome, carbon or stainless steel.

  • in Mounted Bearings

    VXB distributes various products manufactured by Nachi, NB and FYH, including inch and metric mounted bearings. Types include full ceramic, pillow block, 2-bolt flanged, square flanged, hanger, flanged, round flanged, three-bolt flanged, cartridge, and take up.

  • in One Way Bearings

    VXB is a supplier of one-way bearings (freewheels) that can be used as an overrunning clutch, indexing clutch or backstop. Two types are available: grip-roller freewheels for low to medium overrunning speeds and indexing clutches; and sprag freewheels for high overrunning speeds and backstops.

  • in Plain Bearings

    VXB distributes spherical plain bearings manufactured by Nachi, NB and FYH. Dozens of products are available.

  • in Rubber Bearings

    VXB Ball Bearings offers rubber sealed bearings in a variety of sizes and configurations. VXB offers the 6200-2RS sealed ball bearing, which has an inner diameter of 10mm, an outer diameter of 30mm, and a width of 9mm. The bearing is made of chrome steel and has 2 rubber seals to protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination. The 6200-2RS is made of rubber seals and chrome steel. Inner diameter is 10mm and the outer diameter is 30mm. Other bearings offered include: auto wheel, ceramic sealed, skate bearings, etc.

  • in Sealed Ball Bearings

    NationSkander California Corp. supplies more than 1,000 types of sealed ball bearings manufactured by Nachi, NB and FYH. Applications include cnc routers, fishing reels, slotcars, ATV, dental handpiece, bicycles, model engines, go karts, snowmobiles, motorcycles and jewelry spinning rings.

  • in Self-Aligning Bearings is a distributor of a wide variety of ball bearings. They carry a large selection of self-aligning ball bearings available in inch and metric sizes for many applications. Ball bearings are available in carbon, chrome and stainless steel (even zirconium oxide, otherwise known as Zirconia ZrO2, and silicon nitride Si3N4).
  • in Slide Bearings

    VXB Ball Bearings distributes nylon window slide bearings manufactured by Nachi, NB, and FYH - three of Japan's top bearing manufacturers.

  • in Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

    NationSkander California Corp. distributes stainless steel ball bearings manufactured by Nachi, NB, FYH and SKF.

  • in Thin Section Metric Bearings

    VXB Ball Bearings offers thin section metric bearings in a variety of configurations, including: shielded, sealed ball, full ceramic, flanged sealed, and flanged. Model 6705ZZ shielded one ball bearings feature deep grooves, metal shielded closures, electric quality motors, and a self-lubricated construction. These bearings are constructed from chrome steel materials, they have widths of up to 4mm, outer diameters up to 32mm, and inner diameters up to 25mm. VXB also offers 6702ZZ shielded ball bearings, 6703ZZ shielded ball bearings, 6706 full ceramic bearings, etc.

  • in Unground Bearings

    VXB Ball Bearings offers conveyor roller unground flanged bearings for conveyor roller (pipe/cylinder) applications. These bearings are available with 59.3mm flange diameters, 56.1 fitting diameters, 12mm inner diameters, and 580 lb load capacities.