During the winter season, your snow plow system will be extensively used and for its reliable performance not only you must do its maintenance during the season but also during off season too.

Following are few commercial snow plow maintenance tips that you can follow in any season.

  • Do thorough inspection

To start with, you need to perform a thorough inspection in order to check whether all parts are in proper condition.

  • Check the cutting edge of plow

You must ensure that all the cutting edges of the plow is in proper shape so that it can cut through all the snow and can protect the moldboard of your plow.

  • Check the shoes

In case, you need to plow on surfaces which need using plow shoes, then make sure that all are in good shape so that the blade can float off from the ground. Replace it if they are not.

  • Tighten all the fasteners

Make sure that all the fasteners are tight and also free of corrosion. In case, the plow will fall apart, then it will not be good to anyone.

  • Check the welding parts for any crack

Make sure that all the welding parts are intact and there is no crack. In case you find any crack then get it welded.

  • Grease all the moving parts

There should be proper lubrication for all moving parts. You need to apply grease in the parts where there is a chance of wear and tear.

  • Ensure that battery is in working condition

Make sure that the battery is in working condition and if it is not, then get it replaced immediately.

  • Check all the electrical connections

All the electrical connection should be proper and there should not be any loose connection anywhere. There should also not be any corrosion.

  • Protect the electrical connections with grease

Apply dielectric grease which can protect all your electrical connections of plow from dirt, corrosion and water. It is essential that all the electrical connection must be in good shape.

  • Check all the hoses

Hydraulic system of the plow is equally important like any other component. Ensure that all hoses of your plow and fittings are properly tightened and corrosion free.

  • Tighten all the springs

In order to avoid vibrations, it is essential that there should be proper spring tension. So, tighten all the springs as per plow manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Replace or flush the hydraulic fluid

It is necessary to replace and flush the hydraulic fluid of your snow plow once in a year before the plowing season starts.

  • Check the lights

Plow lights are meant for safety during its usage and therefore it is necessary to make sure that all the lights are in working condition. Replace any defective lights immediately.

  • Keep the emergency kits ready  

Your emergency kit provided by the manufacturer must be ready for use so that you can use it during any emergency situation.

Jordyn Kyle