Chocolate depositors are special kinds of machines that can be used for pouring and forming chocolates. They are using to discharge chocolate fillings and shells, depositing fillings directly t the cooling belts, making chips, tablets, drops, pralines, and chocolate chunks, and more. This guide will help you learn about information on the machine including features, kinds, classifications, and others.

Machine Features

Every time you shop for a good chocolate depositing machine, make sure to look for the following features:

  • Accuracy. An accurate chocolate depositor will have a reliable speed and ability to deposit the chocolate. The majority of such machine comes with a single piston depositing system that enables accurate deposition of smaller volumes.
  • Versatility. A good chocolate depositor has mass channels in nozzle plate arrangements for various applications of maximum range viscosities. It can cover a range of products like fluid fillings of liquor, and smooth chocolate masses.
  • Fully Automated System with PLC Touch Panel. This feature allows convenient and easy control of machine parametres.
  • Compact and modular design. This feature lets you integrate the machine and save space in the factory.
  • Construction material. The machine’s main construction material is stainless steel. This material is durable and hygienic, ensuring a low to absolute zero contamination levels.

Depositor Classification

Identifying and picking a good chocolate depositor machine can be done by considering their classifications.

  • CNC machine. A CNC chocolate depositor can produce intricate chocolate designs with or without a biscuit or fillings. It can be used for making chocolate decorations. Because of its modular design, it can be customised to fit your production requirements.
  • One-shot depositor. A one-shot depositor will have a technology that depends on a synchronised discharge of filing mass and shell into various moulds. But, the machine can also have a 2D or 3D piping function.
  • Manual chocolate depositor. This machine does not have an automatic chocolate depositing system. When using the machine, you will perform activities such as setting the mould button of the nozzle plate, filing with the push button or pedaling technique, and others. This is an ideal machine for start-up bakeries, cake shops, and confectionaries with small-scale production.
  • Table-top machine. This is a portable machine that can be mounted on a table. It is has a special design to remove the burden of filling various cavity chocolate molds by hand. Also, this machine ensures every mold is filled accurately and uniformly.

Jordyn Kyle